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Multi Collector 2 Multi Collector 2
€199.00 * €223.15 *
Multi Collector 3 Multi Collector 3
€199.00 * €226.45 *
Kickmaster maxi 40 L Kickmaster maxi 40 L
€185.00 * €295.00 *
Pushboy 50 L Pushboy 50 L
€149.00 * €186.95 *
Mini Master 6 L Mini Master 6 L
€75.00 * €88.10 *
Single Boy 13 l (showmodel) Single Boy 13 l (showmodel)
€69.00 * €98.00 *
Capboy Maxi 22 l Capboy Maxi 22 l
€79.50 * €99.30 *
Pedalbin 123, 13l Pedalbin 123, 13l
€44.50 * €50.35 *
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Wesco Waste bins and waste collectors

Beautiful, practical and sustainable: that's WESCO's waste bins

Whether you are looking for a bathroom pedal bin, a stylish waste bin for the kitchen or children's room, a practical solution for waste separation or a large waste collector for the office or practice: WESCO's range includes waste bins of different sizes and shapes for every purpose.

Production of waste bins is a tradition at WESCO

Waste bins such as the Pushboy, Kickboy or Kickmaster are absolute classics in the WESCO range and have their fans all over the world. The Pushboy, with its unmistakable shape, has been produced by WESCO since the end of the 1980s. With its iconic design, it has inspired many other waste bins. They all have one thing in common: the unusual shape, the large volume and the colourful palette. Products such as the Baseboy, which is available in various sizes, are also true classics, used in kitchens, offices or in the catering industry.
The production of dustbins and waste containers has a long tradition at WESCO. The company was founded in 1867 in Arnsberg, Germany, and early on specialised in the production of household goods. Then, from the 1920s, waste containers were also produced. In the beginning they were ashtrays, later conventional pedal bins. With the advent of the consumer age, people needed bins into which they could throw packaging waste, paper and anything else that might have been composted or repaired in the past. In the sixties and seventies, dustbins were still purely utilitarian objects whose appearance was subject to the spirit of the age. They are a necessary evil in the kitchen and bathroom and are primarily designed with functional aspects in mind.
In the 1980s, when WESCO launched the Eco-Double Bin in 1985, the increasing waste mountains and their disposal were just a hot topic among experts. The Eco-Double Bin, which is still part of the range today, is the starting point for many other products that serve to separate waste. Whether it is double, triple or quadruple waste separation, WESCO is the specialist when it comes to proper waste separation in the kitchen. Organic waste, paper, glass, plastic waste and residual waste are sorted in no time. The Multi Collector enables double to quadruple waste separation - and looks very stylish at the same time. The I.Master Double with two 20-litre buckets can be opened contactlessly via an infrared sensor. Big Double Master and Big Double Boy offer a large volume in a relatively small area. The Push Two is the double collector in classic Pushboy style.

But not only the functionality plays an important role, also the design has to be original WESCO. In 1989, a new era started at WESCO with the introduction of the 'Pushboy'. The 'ugly duckling' (the waste bin) becomes a piece of furniture for the kitchen. The Pushboy has become a cult object and has influenced the design not only of many waste bins, but also of a large number of Wesco's kitchen accessories.
Based on the product idea of "large volume - large opening", the body and the semicircular top of the waste bin are matched to each other so that the proportions are perfect, complemented by a technically stable large stainless steel access flap and sturdy handles. An internal guide ring ensures that the waste actually ends up in the inner bucket and not between the inner bucket and the body. The waste bin is made of high-quality stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel.

The high-quality finish of all WESCO's waste bins - and of course of its kitchen accessories - guarantees a particularly long product life. From a sustainability point of view, the waste bins are a sensible investment. And should a part need replacing, spare parts can easily be ordered from the WESCO online shop. Another plus in terms of sustainability.
The Pushboy, which owes its name to the 'PUSH' engraved in the lid, was the inspiration for many other WESCO bins. In the Kickboy, which adopts the design of the Pushboy, the lid is opened by a pedal in the top lid. In the Kickmaster, two stainless steel half-shells in the top lid are opened by pressing the foot pedal. The Kickmaster is particularly practical as the waste can be easily disposed of from above. It is available in many different litre capacities: From the Kickmaster Maxi with a volume of 40 litres, to the Kickmaster with 33 litres, the Kickmaster junior with 12 litres, the Single Master 9 litres and the Mini Master with a volume of 6 litres, there is a model available for every application area and for every amount of waste. Mini Master and Single Master are particularly suitable for the bathroom, toilet or even children's and baby's room. The Kickmaster Maxi can be used in the kitchen or catering industry or anywhere where large amounts of waste accumulate. The Kickmaster Classic Line Soft takes the familiar Kickmaster design and adds a particularly stable base in a retro look.
WESCO's design line also includes square waste bins which adapt optimally to corners and recesses and thus make optimum use of the available space. One Boy, Big Double Boy, Big Double Master and i.Master Double combine a large number of litres with a relatively small surface area.
The i.Master Double and the Tower Collector can be opened contactless by means of an infrared sensor. The lid opens with a single hand movement without direct contact. These bins are thus particularly hygienic and are used where hygiene is particularly important, e.g. on the toilet, in the bathroom or in medical rooms.

The smaller WESCO pedal bins are ideal for the bathroom

For the bathroom and toilet, the range also includes the classic pedal waste bins with 3 to 5 litre capacity.

WESCO waste bins for design lovers

If you are looking for a particularly unusual design, the Spaceboy and the slightly smaller Spaceboy 2.0 are just right. The bins in rocket form are an absolute eye-catcher in the office or children's room. Not only space fans and Trekkies will enjoy this waste bin.
What unites all WESCO products is the great variety of colours: Whether classics like white or black, cheerful colours like red or almond or even the soft ice colours pink and mint. Everyone will find their favourite colour here. For those who prefer Scandinavian simplicity, the new matt colours are just right: black, white, graphite, cool grey, and sand fit perfectly into any modern kitchen.