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Mini Grandy Mini Grandy
€29.00 * €37.55 *
Mini Elly Mini Elly
€37.40 * €46.75 *
Canister Classic Line Canister Classic Line
€19.50 * €24.40 *
Cookiebox Classic Line Cookiebox Classic Line
€33.50 * €40.00 *
Miniball Miniball
€22.50 * €29.00 *
Kitchenbox Kitchenbox
€17.48 * €21.85 *

Storage cans and organisers from WESCO

Beautifully shaped storage containers and boxes from WESCO are of high quality and durable

WESCO is a real specialist when it comes to storage options. Practical canisters are needed in the kitchen for storing sugar, more, coffee, muesli and much more. It's even nicer if you don't have to hide them in the cupboard, but can place them decoratively on the shelf or countertop. The Classic Line storage container made of high-quality powder-coated metal in many bright WESCO colours matches the Single Elly and Elly bread bins and the Classic Line biscuit tin. The practical viewing window allows you to see the contents of the canister.

The square canister from WESCO, made of food-safe plastic with a chrome lid, also cuts a good figure in the kitchen. Thanks to its angular shape, several cans can be placed next to each other to save space.

Round organisers

For all those little things that need to find a place, the Mini Ball is the right choice. The cute little metal ball with acrylic lid keeps everything tidy in the bathroom, in the children's room or in the home office. But it is also an ideal storage box for sweets or snacks. The all-round talent Superball is the storage ball for all occasions. The Superball can be used not only as a bread box, fruit bowl or biscuit tin, but also as an organiser in the home office, children's room or bathroom.

The small boxes from WESCO

The small versions of Grandy and Elly - Mini Grandy and Mini Elly - are the colourful storage boxes from WESCO that can be used all over the house. As a jewellery box, a treasure box in the children's room or as a pencil case on the desk: they keep everything tidy and provide a colourful accent.

The perfect box for hanging up

The Kitchen Box is a multifunctional container that can be used for kitchen utensils as well as organic waste. The box can be hung on the cupboard door or on the cupboard pull-out in a particularly practical way.