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Elly breadbin Elly breadbin
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Grandy breadbin Grandy breadbin
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WESCO - small bread bins

This is how practical the small bread bins from WESCO are

WESCO's small bread bins are real space wasters and have been specially designed for the smaller family or single household.

Single Breadboy, Single Grandy and Single Elly are the ideal storage space for smaller loaves of bread, rolls or biscuits.

Baked goods can be kept particularly hygienic in the bread bins. The ventilation holes at the back provide optimal air circulation and ensure that your bread stays fresh for longer.

With the Single Breadboy, the top half of the container simply swings back for use and the contents can be easily removed. With the Single Grandy and Single Elly, the lid is held in place by two metal hinges for optimum stability.

WESCO's small bread bins all have the advantage of taking up little space on the countertop or even on the desk because of their smaller size.