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The Wesco built-in 21 litre waste bin is a practical and functional waste solution for kitchens and other rooms. This bin is designed to be placed in a kitchen cabinet or other suitable built-in location, making it discreet and space-saving.
Here are some features and specifications of the Wesco built-in waste bin:
1. Capacity: The bin has a total capacity of 21 litres, making it suitable for medium quantities of kitchen waste. This makes it an ideal choice for households or kitchens with an average level of usage. Moreover, this bin is equipped with an extra tray for storing waste bags, for example.
2. Construction: The bin is made of durable and sturdy materials, such as a metal frame and high-quality plastic bin and lid. These materials ensure that the bin will last a long time and withstand daily use.
3. Built-in design: The Wesco built-in waste bin is specially designed to integrate seamlessly into kitchen cabinets. It has a compact size suitable for standard cabinet sizes. Please note: it is important to measure the available space before ordering. Please take into account, for example, drainage pipes and other possible space-consuming elements that might affect the available space! The bin is supplied with a mounting frame and fastening material for easy installation.
4. Lid: The bin is equipped with a lid that helps minimise odours and hide the waste. The lid opens and closes when you pull the bin forward from the frame or push it back into the frame.
5. Practical features: the bin has a removable inner bucket for easy emptying and cleaning.
6. Practical design: Wesco is known for its modern and attractive designs. The built-in bins are available in different sizes, allowing you to choose a model that suits the space available in your kitchen cupboard or other space and personal preference for possible waste separation.
It is important to consult specific models and technical details when choosing a Wesco built-in waste bin, as different variants may be available.

Width: 255 mm
Height: 398 mm
Depth: 450 mm

Width: 255 mm
Length: 450 mm
Height: 398 mm
Contents: 21 l.