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Mini Grandy Mini Grandy
€29.00 * €37.55 *
Mini Elly Mini Elly
€37.40 * €46.75 *
Canister Classic Line Canister Classic Line
€19.50 * €24.40 *
Cookiebox Classic Line Cookiebox Classic Line
€32.50 * €40.00 *
Paper roll holder Paper roll holder
€29.00 * €35.00 *
Spacy Tray Oval Spacy Tray Oval
€46.00 * €61.70 *
Miniball Miniball
€22.50 * €29.00 *
Kitchenbox Kitchenbox
€17.48 * €21.85 *
Spacy Elly Spacy Elly
€49.00 * €75.00 *
Tableware Salt / Pepper Mill Tableware Salt / Pepper Mill
€29.00 * €56.00 *
Paper roll holder LOFT Paper roll holder LOFT
From €25.00 * €36.90 *
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Storage cans, spice mills, knife blocks, roll holders and Co. These are the kitchen accessories from WESCO.

Colourful, stylish and durable kitchen accessories from WESCO

WESCO, founded in 1867 in the Sauerland, specialised early on in the production of metal kitchen accessories. As early as the beginning of the last century, different types of kitchen accessories were produced, tailored to the needs of the respective era.
With the advance of industrialisation, the appearance of the domestic kitchen changed more and more. The Bauhaus kitchen concepts or Frankfurt kitchen were the first approaches and precursors of today's fitted kitchen. The aim was to plan kitchen design in such a way as to improve and facilitate workflows and processes. Kitchens were manufactured according to predetermined dimensions and standards, and built-in appliances found their way into kitchens. While the kitchen used to be a place for meeting people, it increasingly became a place for food preparation, focused purely on functionality.

WESCO brings colour to the kitchen

Today that has changed again:
The modern kitchen should not only be functional, but also inviting. Today, the kitchen is once again fulfilling its role as a place where family and friends come together. Cooking and eating together plays an important social role here, too. The kitchen is not an isolated room, but the centre of family life. Cooking and dining areas are no longer separate, but are deliberately combined and generously planned in many new homes. The home office is also increasingly being integrated into this living space.
Such a central room should have an attractive design and a personal touch. WESCO kitchen accessories can set colourful accents and increase the feel-good factor in the kitchen. Who is not happy to be greeted in the kitchen in the morning by colourful kitchen utensils! The large WESCO colour palette offers the right colour for every taste: cheerful red, fresh lime green, traditional almond or - very classically - black and white.
For new kitchens the current trend colours greyblack and soft natural tones dominate. High-gloss surfaces are increasingly being replaced by matt surfaces. The matt WESCO colours White, Black, Graphite, Cool Grey and Sand harmonise with this new kitchen style and merge into the calm colour worlds.

From spice mills to storage containers - WESCO's kitchen accessories are practical and chic.

There is a wide range of kitchen accessories to match WESCO's bread bins and waste bins. It includes storage tins and biscuit tins, spice grinders and trays, paper roll holders and knife blocks.
The Classic Line canisters and cookie boxes are particularly suitable for storing coffee, flour, sugar or cakes. With the decorative relief in the lid, they match perfectly with the Elly, Single Elly and Mini Elly bread boxes.
The three roll holders also complement the WESCO kitchen accessories on the worktop. The holders ensure that the kitchen paper has its fixed place and can be easily unrolled. The holders can also be used in the bathroom or toilet as holders for up to three rolls of toilet paper.
Not only the kitchen paper, but also the kitchen knives have their place. The particularly stable Classic Line knife block holds up to five standard kitchen knives.

The stylish Peppy Mill spice grinder is equipped with a practical dosage mechanism. This prevents "dripping" on the work surface after using the mill. The Peppy Mill can be used as a salt or pepper mill, but also as a spice mill. It is equipped with a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism and is therefore particularly durable.

No kitchen should be without WESCO round or oval trays. The large handles on the sides make the trays particularly easy to hold. A removable, rubberised surface ensures that everything you want to transport on the trays stands firm.

A real all-round talent is the Mini Ball. The cute little metal ball with acrylic lid is the perfect organiser in the kitchen, on the desk, in the children's room or in the bathroom. Whether for snacks or sweets, paperclips or cotton pads. Everything can be neatly stored in the Mini Ball.
WESCO kitchen accessories are also used in other rooms than the kitchen. Whether it's practical storage on the desk, small treasure chests in the children's room or decorative storage for cosmetics in the bathroom: Mini BallMini Elly or Mini Grandy can be used in many ways.