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Multi Collector 2 Multi Collector 2
€179.00 * €223.15 *
Multi Collector 3 Multi Collector 3
€179.00 * €226.45 *
€219.00 * €340.00 *
i.Master Double 2x20 l i.Master Double 2x20 l
€149.00 * €218.45 *
Big Double Boy 2x18 l Big Double Boy 2x18 l
€159.00 * €225.00 *
Big Double Master 2x20 l Big Double Master 2x20 l
€139.00 * €232.35 *
ECO-Double Bin 380 (2x10l) ECO-Double Bin 380 (2x10l)
From €36.80 * €46.00 *
Built-in bin 2 x 14 ltrs. Built-in bin 2 x 14 ltrs.
€59.00 * €74.95 *
Built-in bin 3 x 10 ltrs Built-in bin 3 x 10 ltrs
€69.00 * €83.50 *
Push Two 2x25 l Push Two 2x25 l
€172.76 * €215.95 *
Built-in bin 2 x 16 ltrs Built-in bin 2 x 16 ltrs
€69.00 * €91.50 *
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WESCO waste bins for waste separation

Waste bins for waste separation by WESCO

WESCO has been working hard on waste separation for more than 35 years. As a pioneer in this field, the family business launched the Eco-Double Bin in 1985, the world's first waste separator, thus taking up the theme of raw material preservation before it was even considered by many. Because waste separation starts at home. Effective recycling is only possible if waste is separated by type. To date, WESCO offers a wide range of products for 2- to 3-way waste separation, both in the category of free-standing waste bins and in the category of built-in waste bins.

In the case of 2-fold separation, for example, plastic waste and residual waste are collected together in one bin. The Multi Collector 2, the i.Master Double, the Big Double Boy, the Big Double Master or the classic Push Two are suitable for this. The buckets have a capacity of 18 to 25 litres, so they are also excellent for larger quantities of waste. The Eco Double Bin - WESCO's 'all time favourite' - is available in a 2x15 litre and a 2x10 litre version. There are also 2x14 litre and 2x16 litre double bin separators for the built-in bins.

With the triple waste collector, residual waste, organic waste, paper or glass can be collected separately in a space-saving way. The Multi Collector 3 has 3 inner buckets with a volume of 25 litres and 2x12 litres respectively. The practical Tower Collector waste separation station also comes with three inner buckets of 30 litres and 2x15 litres. The 30 litre inner bucket is suitable for plastic waste, for example, while the 15 litre inner buckets can be used for residual waste, organic waste, paper or bottles. The built-in waste bins are available with a volume of 3x10 litres or 1x16 and 2x7.5 litres and can be practically placed in the kitchen cupboard.