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Spare parts from WESCO - Because sustainability is important to us!

We want you to enjoy your WESCO product for a long time. For this reason, and because we believe that repair is the best way to save resources, we offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts in our online shop. If a waste bin wears out after a long time, we recommend replacing it for hygienic reasons. However, it is not necessarily necessary to dispose of the entire bin, often a new inner bucket is sufficient. In the shop you will therefore find inner buckets for many current WESCO bins, such as Kickmaster, Kickmaster maxi, Single Master, Baseboys, Kickboys or Pushboys. Replacement inner buckets for the built-in waste bins are also available in the online shop.
Even though we attach great importance to the highest quality of the built-in parts, daily use and permanent load can cause a part to break down. Dampers, springs and hinges for many popular models are therefore available as spare parts, as are pedals or base rings.
WESCO dustbins are sometimes misused as seating, which - depending on their weight - can leave a lasting "impression" on the product. Also in such cases, some models can be helped with replacement lids, e.g. for the Baseboys.
The elastic that comes with many WESCO waste bins to keep the bin liners in place can accidentally fall into the bin in the heat of the moment. You can also find a replacement for this in our shop.