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  • 382451-87


The Wesco I.MASTER with voice control - also known as the "Wesco Talkmaster" combines practical design with state-of-the-art voice control technology. This one of a kind bin can be operated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The lid of the bin opens automatically with the command 'Alexa, bin open!' or 'Hey Google, bin on'. The bin can be closed again after use with the commands 'Alexa, bin closed' or 'Hey Google, bin off'. The Wesco app (available for Apple and Android) can be used to add the waste bin to the smart home network. For operation in the WLAN, the bin must be permanently connected to the power supply with the enclosed power supply unit.

Alternatively, the lid is opened with modern infrared technology. In this case, the lid opens with a hand movement and then closes automatically. In the case of infrared operation, the opening mechanism can be operated with 6 AA batteries or the enclosed power supply unit.

Thanks to the contactless opening, the i.Master with voice control is particularly hygienic. With a total volume of 40 litres, it offers sufficient space for larger quantities of waste. Two separate 20-litre plastic inserts ensure proper separation of paper, glass, plastic or residual waste. Thanks to its rectangular shape, the i.Master can easily be positioned in niches or corners


Body: high-quality sheet steel, powder-coated
Lid: plastic
Inserts: Plastic 2x20 litres
Power supply unit and USB cable included

NOTE: When changing batteries, please use alkaline-manganese batteries from reputable manufacturers.

We recommend cleaning the surface with a damp cloth using household detergent. Please do not use scouring agents or scouring sponges! The inside of the bucket and the insert should also be cleaned regularly for hygienic reasons. Powder-coated surfaces are not dishwasher-safe!



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We believe it is important that empty batteries do not disappear into the environment. Please hand in used and empty batteries and accumulators at a local authority return point or in the shop. Please find out where you can go with your batteries in your community. Batteries containing hazardous substances are marked with a symbol, consisting of a crossed-out wheeled bin, and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb) of the heavy metal that determines the classification as polluting. 




Opening mechanism: Infrared-sensor
Contents: 2x20 l
Length: 270 mm
Width: 450 mm
Height: 655 mm
Closing mechanism: Infrared-sensor