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Grandy Long Life - Chinese Art Collection

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Product information "Grandy Long Life - Chinese Art Collection"

With the Chinese Art Collection, we take up motifs, colours and stylistic elements of traditional Chinese painting, which looks back on a history of more than 3000 years and differs greatly from the European performing arts in content and form.
The Chinese Art Grandys were hand-painted by young artists from Yang Zhou University near Nanjing. Each of these Grandys is a unique piece from a limited edition. After painting, the Grandys were provided with an additional protective coating to protect the motifs permanently.

Long life

The geometric ideogram 'Shou', which in its form resembles a labyrinth, stands in Chinese for a long, full and happy life. In the Chinese tradition it belongs to the '3 wise men': Fu (luck), Lu (success) and Shou (long life). A long life is considered highly desirable. Older people in China are therefore accorded special respect.
The Shou sign symbolizes an endless knot that figuratively connects beginning and end. It is one of the most used symbols of luck in China. It is often found on pieces of furniture or jewellery, works of art and decorative objects in the home, often also on wedding presents. It is said to have a direct influence on the lives of those who surround themselves with the objects.

The large bread box has ventilation holes on the back, which ensure that the contents are optimally ventilated. The metal hinges, with which the lid is attached, and the handle are made of sturdy metal and can withstand a lot.

High quality powder-coated sheetsteel
Metal handle and hinges
Not dishwasher safe

We recommend cleaning the surface with a damp cloth using household detergent. Please do not use scouring agents or scouring sponges! Powder-coated surfaces are not dishwasher-safe.